Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions of RĂ¼diger Maerz GmbH

1. General Information

Repairs are carried out according to our terms and conditions. Customer’s acknowledgements referring to his own terms and conditions are hereby rejected.

2. Contract/Estimation of costs/Repairs
Estimations of costs are created only at the customer’s specific request. The cost estimate lump sum is as follows: for office products 20.00 Euros, photo products 20.00 Euros, DSLR products 40.00 Euros and video products 40.00 Euros inclusive of VAT as well as possible subsequent forwarding costs.
If the repair reveals further defects, we can interrupt the work and carry on with the repair only after a new written order has been submitted. There shall be no cost estimate lump sum for a placed repair order. We shall be bound to our costs estimation one month after the date of issue. Warranty repairs are only carried out if the valid and entirely completed original warranty card and the appropriate sales receipt are presented. In this case the warranty conditions of the manufacturer shall apply.

3. Guarantee/Liabilities
We undertake a 12 month guarantee for repairs carried out on the customer’s costs, cleaning work is not included. We undertake a 6 month guarantee for parts which depend on their usage (parts subject to wear and tear). The guarantee shall be restricted to two subsequent improvements of the carried out repairs. Claims for damages and compensation of expenses by the customer, irrespective of the legal ground, particularly because of violation of the responsibilities as stated in the contractual obligation and unauthorised act, shall be exempt. We are not liable for consumable materials such as batteries, film footage, rechargeable batteries etc. The return of appliances shall be at the customer’s expense and risk. In case of refusal of acceptance without any reason, the additional carrying costs shall be born by the customer. If finished appliances are not collected within two months, or shipped goods are not accepted, our liability does no longer apply. After prior warning we can dispose of the appliance in the sale of a pledge and offset the proceeds against the outstanding debts to the customer. Replaced spare parts are generally disposed of in an environmentally sound way. A return shall be possible for chargeable repairs, if a written statement from the customer is submitted to us prior to the start of the repairs.

4. Payment
Cash payment shall be made upon collection, or, if shipped, with cash on delivery. A discount is not granted. The customer’s refusal of payment authorises us to exercise contractors’ lien.

5. Final Provisions
Place of fulfilment of repairs shall be HAMBURG. Alterations and amendments to these terms and conditions ought to be in writing. Should any provision of these terms and conditions be or become void, the validity of the remaining provisions hereof shall in no way be affected.