My gadget is defective, what can I do?

You can personally pay a visit to one of our workshops or send us the gadget with a parcel service.

  • If you send us your gadget, please download the repair advice note and attach it to the parcel.
  • For a guarantee procedure, please attach a copy of the bill.
  • Please, send photo and video technology without accessories like accumulators, storing cards or else.
  • Please, leave the ink cartridges in your printer, the print head might get damaged.
  • Please, possibly attach test pictures, if you have problems with the focus.
  • You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt after the arrival of your gadget.
  • You will be informed if a spare part isn’t in stock.
  • CPS members please enclose a copy of their current CPS-card.
  • We recommend using a mail order with insurance cover.