You can always improve the focus

Udo Babekuhl - EOS technician

Cameras are complicated gadgets and instinctive feeling is needed to repair them. It takes a couple of years until a technician can be considered really experienced and he never stops learning. Thus his work is fortunately never boring.

Basically each camera is unique, therefore it needs individual treatment in actually each department of our company, with the diagnosis, repairing and calibrating in the workshop and the laboratory. First of all, however, with the ladies in the office, who take the first and final decision and who guarantee a careful wrapping and packaging for its way back.

We use special gadgets for testing and measuring, special software and toils in order to guarantee a professional repairing and adjustment. For example do we calibrate the CMOS image sensor with a laser technique to 1/1000 mm precision or align the AF-system ofDSLR cameras with a robot.

The equipment we have at our disposal corresponds to producer standards and is continuously brought up to date. Some of the gadgets were developed in our company and modified according to our conditions.

We repair, adjust and maintain your gadget.

  • Reflex cameras, analogue and digital
  • Modification of astro filters for DSRL cameras
  • Lenses
  • Flashes
  • Compact cameras, analogue and digital
  • Camcorders, analogue and digital
  • Fax and copy machines
  • Multi functional gadgets
  • Scanners
  • Printers, ink and laser
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Digital reflex cameras have a very high resolution up to the sector of 22 mega pixel. The condition to get an optimal picture result and the best out of your camera is a perfectly adjusted lens.

The adjustment of a lens has essentially three aims:

Front or rear back focus adjustment

Normally your camera uses the auto focus of your lens. We use a calibrated scientific workshop optic system. The mechanical and technical lens system however influences your focus too. Exactly like your camera your lens has its own computer which matches the signals of your camera among other things to the auto focus of your lens. It is our job to take care of the optimal matching. In the best case we get both, body and lenses together perfectly matched.


An objective is made of precisely matched lens groups. The aim of this task is the exact adjustment of these systems. So we get the best possible contrast of the optic.


Similar to the centring the position of the lens groups gets adjusted. If pictures show an irregular focus we adjust the tilt of the lenses.